SOLD Rare 1965 Hofner Congress F Hole Acoustic

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SOLD Rare 1965 Hofner Congress F Hole Acoustic

Very rare and hard to find in this condition as there are only minor cosmetic blemishes and the heel is still rock solid

  • Rosewood fretboard with C neck.
  • Maple archtop body.
  • Original tortoiseshell scratch plate and machine heads.
  • Very little fret wear.
  • Hofner compensator bridgeMade in Germany, this guitar is all original and working condition. Built in Germany in 1965, serial number 14880. Sounds amazing with its over 50 year old maple. Neck has rosewood fretboard with a classic C shape and nice width making very comfortable to play. It has a┬ámaple archtop body that provides incredible resonance. The original long tortoiseshell scratch plate is unfortunately missing from this guitar. Original label with the serial can be seen inside the F-hole with original Hofner compensator tail-piece.


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