Line 6 ToneCore Constrictor Pedal

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Product Description

Line 6 ToneCore Constrictor Pedal


ToneCore Constrictor Features:

Compressor Dynamics Model Switch

      • Compact – Is based on vintage stompbox compressors from the ’70s and gives you a slight mid frequency boost. The virtual circuitry of the Constrictor is automagically reconfigured to run a 37:1 compression ratio, 10ms fast attack & 295ms slow release time when this model is run.
      • Squeeze – Gives you ’80s stompbox-style compression with a pleasant treble boost. It runs a 19:1 compression ratio, 31ms slow attack & 98ms fast release time.
      • Mellow – Model is the place to be when you?re in the mood for a classic tube compressor sound, with a nice, flat frequency response. it’s got 3:1 compression ratio, 10ms fast attack & 82ms fast release time.


    •  – This sets the output level. Higher levels will hit the amp or effect fed by the Constrictor with more signal level, giving your more volume.


    •  – With this knob at minimum (fully counter-clockwise) the noise gate is off. Turn up a bit to low settings, and the gate should be appropriate. Use high settings when there?s more noise to tame, or you want to aggressively clamp to silence at the end of notes or chords.


    •  – Set this at minimum to even out the difference between your loud and quiet playing a bit, without changing sustain too much. Or max it out to bring pretty much everything to the same level, with super sustain.


ToneCore Constrictor Specs:

  • Single 9-Volt Battery, or
  • Line 6 DC-1G 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)
  • Width 3.375″
  • Depth 5.625″
  • Height 2.875″
  • Weight 2lbs 4oz


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