T-REX Programmable Tube Preamp with 4 Channels (Secondhand)

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Product Description

T-REX Programmable Tube Preamp with 4 Channels (Secondhand)

Made in Denmark and solid as hell!

In excellent condition.

Programmable Tube Preamp with 4 Channels

Tone-lovers around the world – say hello to SpinDoctor, the revolutionary new overdrive preamp from T-Rex Engineering. With 4 programmable channels, a full set of tone controls, motorised knobs and gorgeous tube-driven tone, SpinDoctor is a wonder of sonic craftsmanship and engineering.

Stunning features, brilliant design
SpinDoctor delivers all the beautiful, saturated sound you’ve come to expect from T-Rex. But it’s also a triumph of design – packing a stunning array of features into a set of controls so intuitive and easy to use, you’ll have to try to believe it. Here’s what you get:

4 channels of T-Rex tone. For each channel, you set the gain, tone and output exactly how you want it. Switching between channels and making adjustments on the fly is simple, fast and intuitive.

Tone controls let you tune your tone (bass, mid, treble and presence) for each individual channel. When you switch channels, all your settings change too – giving you the perfect depth, sustain and edge no matter how much gain you apply.

Motorised knobs move when you switch channels – like faders on a state-of-the-art studio mixing board. They’re way cool, but they also provide mission-critical visual cues that let you monitor your settings at a glance – and adjust them in milliseconds.

Tube drive gives you the entire spectrum of analogue gain in a single knob. Turn it down low for a clean tube sound with just a bit of edge. Turn it up to lay on the gain. And if you want even more – hit the boost button and blast off into the stratosphere of world-class overdrive.

An intelligent distortion pedal
Plug SpinDoctor into your stage amp, and you’ve got nothing less than the best distortion pedal on the planet. You’ll enhance your amp with 4 custom channels of analogue overdrive – each with its own settings for gain, bass, mid, treble, presence and output. And you can bypass your SpinDoctor from any channel for a clean sound straight from your amp.

A complete preamp for your guitar
You can also use SpinDoctor as a complete guitar preamp, plugging it directly into a power amp via the output jack. In the studio, use the speaker-simulation output to plug into a studio mixer or AD converter connected to your computer. Special level and frequency knobs let you set the volume and define the character of your “cabinet”. And finally, SpinDoctor’s intuitive MIDI implementation lets you create and store additional channels via an external MIDI device.

Take it for a spin
At T-Rex Engineering, we’re convinced that SpinDoctor is simply the best product we’ve ever built. Take it for a spin – and you’ll understand why it’s the one pedal you can’t live without.

SpinDoctor Specifications


  • Input Impedance @ 1KHz: 306Kohm
  • Output Impedance @ 1KHz: 522Ohm
  • Simulator Impedance @ 1KHz: 111Ohm
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Minimum Power supply Voltage: 11,8V DC
  • Maximum Power supply Voltage: 12,2V DC
  • Current Draw @ 12V DC: 1,5A
  • Maximum input signal Vp/p: 2Vp/p.
  • External connectors: Input Jack. Output Jack Output Jack Simulator, 12V DC Jack, Midi (5pole Din)
  • Controls: Switch A, Switch B, Switch C, Switch D, Level, Drive Tone, Sim Level, Sim Frequency
  • Depth: 190mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • Weight with Power supply: 2,8Kg



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