SOLD 1971 Gibson SG Professional

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SOLD 1971 Gibson SG Professional

This fairly uncommon model was only available from 1970-72 and was the little brother of the SG Deluxe (humbucker equipped). Essentially an SG Special with top mounted electronics, Les Paul-style pickguard, and Gibson-branded Bigsby B5 vibrato unit, the Pro is a unique model and simply a ton of fun to play. The rare molded pickup covers each feature the Gibson logo, and the instrument has a pair of hum canceling P-100 pickups. Essentially a P-90 with an extra coil, these pickups still have plenty of growl, midrange smoothness and top end snap, but without the hum that accompanies a traditional single coil.

. The guitar still has a bit of its original Cherry color, although it has mostly aged to a rich reddish shade of Walnut.

Cosmetic flaws that are consistent with a guitar of this vintage but it just adds character.

Non Original Hard Case is included.


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