Yamaha Gigmaker F310P Acoustic Guitar Pack

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Product Description

Yamaha Gigmaker F310P Acoustic Guitar Pack

The world’s best beginner guitar pack. If you want to learn to play then start right here.

Great Sound. Easy To Play. Reliable.

The Yamaha Gigmaker 310 Acoustic Guitar Package is an updated version of the incredibly popular F310 package.

The pack includes the high quality Yamaha F310 steel string acoustic guitar, which features a spruce top, great neck and a nice bright tone, along with a Korg digital tuner, capo, string winder, strings, piicks, bag and a guitar strap.

The steel string guitar is preferred by players that want a big, loud sound, as popular in folk, rock and blues music, as opposed to the more gentle classical sounds of a nylon string guitar.

Steel strings are harder on your fingers at first, but you do get used to it, and lots of players like to use a steel string guitar to build up strength so when they play their lightly strung electric guitars they can fly around at lightning speed!

Product Features

  • Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar
  • Korg Digital Tuner
  • Yamaha Guitar Bag
  • Yamaha Strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • Picks
  • String Winder
  • Strings
  • Pitch Pipe and Capo


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